Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014

Close your eyes and envision yourself in a woodland fantasy. Friendly critters run up your leg, weaving around your arms and shoulders, just like a scene out of Snow White. This enchanting setting is what Dolce and Gabbana delivered for their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Curiouser and curiouser! Let’s take a step into their enchanted forrest.

Once upon a time in Sicily…” read the invitation to the show. The audience sat down in a come-to-life set, purple smoke and old wretched trees rested in the background. In a world of spritely spirits, Dolce and Gabbana gave us spellbinding collection. Cape-coats with furry hoods that hugged the face complimented the little knee-length dresses and skirts. Slippers were encrusted in the finest of jewels. Mini evening bags were delightfully dainty and gemstones shaped out Medieval crests. Animal prints of owls, foxes, squirrels and wolves danced and played down the jackets, skirts and robes. Floor length dresses that lifted at the slightest puff of air gracefully made their way down the runway. These ethereal women, in the signature Dolce and Gabbana silhouette, looked like demigoddesses; they were maidens on an evening jaunt, yet once vanished from the public’s eye, woodland nymphs.

Mystery comes in the form of secrets hidden behind locked chests or doors. Keys hold the solution to these long lost mysteries. They are also a medium to one world and another. The small metal tool is an everyday object that contains tremendous power. Keys were a major theme in this collection. Dresses were printed with skeleton keys of various shapes, sizes, and alloys. Mini-purses contained multiple keyholes and symbolized a key’s power of opportunity, access, control, secrets, freedom and knowledge.

Every fairytale needs a hero. And who else is more fit to save a young maiden, than herself? Dolce and Gabbana empowered women by creating a melange of femininity and audacity. This statement turned our impish young lady into a stoic woman of stature. A warrior, a hero, a Brienne of Tarth, if you will. An army of chainmail clad women finished the show, thus proving that no matter how meek and dainty a girl might feel or seem, we are all fearless warriors inside.

Written by Taylor Aube. Photos via Vogue Italia.

My menswear theme is James Bond so I’m naming my menswear design collection as “HEAVY (BOND)AGE”. First thought of the title as “Stylized Bondage” but I decided to push the envelope further. I dont know If I’m going to get praised by my witty double entendre title or get my ass chastised by it. 

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Ajak Deng for Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal July Lookbook 2012


The process of Iris van Herpen creating the ‘Crystallization’ dress 

"Couturier Iris van Herpen joins forces with Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness to create a new Crystallization dress. Knight captures Guinness being splashed with black and clear water using high speed cameras, and then offers up the footage as reference imagery for van Herpen to create a one-of-a-kind water dress.” 


Favorite of 2013: J.W. Anderson F/W 2013 Menswear ‘Mathematics of Love’ | Part 1

"For me, clothing has to make you think and I think it’s extremely important that when you present an idea it’s not to cause controversy, it’s to cause to a reaction. You have to question something, you have to think, it has to open up an idea. It’s not about how far you could push the line, it’s about how you could disproportionately balance it so that you build a new character. It’s not about androgyny, it’s about architectures, it’s about different proportions." - J.W. Anderson on his collection

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Lily Donaldson, Vlada Roslyakova, & Solange Wilvert photographed by Steven Klein for Vogue Paris 2005

"Japanese computer nerd’s interpretation of a tribal mask, created by Pat McGrath by hand-applied glued crystals” at Givenchy S/S 2014 backstage 

Wang by Alexander’s Wang

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Pilar Solchaga for Catalogue Fashion Book S/S 2013 by Candelaria Gil